About HuaWo

Hiworld Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive third-party testing organization, specializing in providing one-stop services such as EMC and safety testing, environmental protection testing, consumer goods testing, technical training and consulting, product certification and so on. The company has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangdong Environmental Radiation Monitoring Center to jointly build "Hiworld Yuefu electronic and electrical testing technology center", and set up four laboratories for Industry and technical fields: electromagnetic compatibility laboratory, safety regulation laboratory, environmental reliability laboratory and environmental radiation laboratory, It is committed to providing technical testing services for the whole industry chain for the electronic and electrical industry, and actively expanding environmental radiation safety testing.

Adhering to the high-end strategic positioning, according to the development idea of "specialty, specialty, precision and new", warworth testing focuses on the development direction and service characteristics of medical electronics, automotive electronics, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), environmental adaptability and environmental radiation, improves the service level and quality, continues to surpass, and is committed to building a brand with certain brand popularity in South China Professional technical service providers with industry leadership, market credibility and regional influence.

Warworth testing follows the ISO / IEC17025 quality system, and the laboratory management and quality system are becoming more and more mature and perfect. The company has fully launched CNAs laboratory accreditation and CMA laboratory metrology certification. Warworth testing sincerely provides accurate testing and technical support services for a wide range of customers, actively follows customer needs, and fully demonstrates warworth's "one-stop" service concept.